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:: Mission

To enhance the well-being of Malaysian oil palm industry through research, development and excellent services

:: Division Organizational Chart

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Corporate Goals of Division

  • To develop new processes and technologies for the processing and utilization of oil palm products

  • To improve production efficiency and quality of products

  • To develop zero discharge and cleaner production technologies

  • To expand and improve current uses of oil palm products

  • To find new uses and applications of oil palm product

:: Scope of R & D

Research Focus of Division|| Focus Projects of Division

Research Focus of Division

  • Palm Biofuel and Biodiesel Programs: The division is responsible for all the research and development of palm biofuel and biodiesel for the country. This includes the development of technologies for the production of palm biodiesel and winter-grade palm biodiesel, characterization and technical evaluation of palm biofuel and biodiesel, development of Malaysian standards for palm biofuel and biodiesel, building the first commercial palm biodiesel plant in Malaysia, etc.

  • Utilization of by-products generated by the palm oil industry as sources of renewable energy. R&D activities focus on identifying the potentials of these by-products. This includes utilization of liquid and solid palm biomass for the generation of energy, reduction of GHG through energy efficiency and environmental management programs, to promote energy efficiency program and to create new business opportunities for the industry.

  • Utilization of palm biomass for the production of value-added products.

  • To develop innovative, environmentally friendly and energy saving technologies for the processing of palm fruits. This includes the introduction of a continuous process for the sterilization of fresh fruit bunch, plant-wide mill automation, a process for the production of shell-free palm kernel, etc.

  • To develop new and innovative technologies for the extraction of phytonutrients from palm oil, palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) and palm fibres. This includes the production of vitamin E from PFAD, extraction of carotenes and other phytonutrients from palm oil, glycolipids from palm, etc.

  • Process development, process simulation, process design and engineering.

  • Application and introduction of clean and emerging technologies for the processing of palm oil and for the extraction of minor components from palm oil and its products. These technologies include membrane technology for the recovery of minor components from palm biodiesel, short path distillation for the production of carotenes/vitamin E concentrates, supercritical fluid technology for the extraction of palm phytonutrients and nano-encapsulation of palm vitamin E and carotenes concentrates for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Development of clean catalytic technologies for the production of fine chemicals and energy from palm oil and palm biomass.

Focus Projects of Division


Design, installation and commissioning of the first commercial palm biodiesel plant (capacity: 60,000 tonnes per annum) and low-pour-point palm biodiesel plant (capacity:30,000 tonnes per annum).


:: Activities

  • Diploma in Palm Oil Milling and Management Course
  • Palm Oil Milling Certificate of Competency Scheme (MCC)
  • Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin and other technical publications
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Process simulation and engineering design
  • Consultancy services

:: List of Recent Transfer of Technology

MPOB TT NO. 285 : Plant-wide Automation of Palm Oil Mills

MPOB TT NO. 286 : Water Cooled Screw Press For Production of Feed Quality Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) for Feedstuff

MPOB TT NO. 287 : Agrolumber: A Polymeric Composite Material from Oil Palm Fibres

MPOB TT NO. 288 : Mass Coloured Medium Desity Fibreboard from Admixture of Empty Fruit Bunches and Rubber Wood Fibres: Enhanced the Board Appearance

MPOB TT NO. 289 : Disintegrable Plastics from Oil Palm and Its Products

MPOB TT NO. 290 : Production of Palm-based Tocotrienols-Enhanced Fraction (TEF)

MPOB TT NO. 232 : Production of Coenzyme Q10 from Crude Palm Oil.

MPOB TT NO. 193 : Value-Added Products from Palm Pressed Fibre.

MPOB TT NO. 151 : Production of Phytonutrients (Carotenes, Vitamin E, Sterols, Squalene, Co-enzyme Q and Phospholipids) From Palm Methyl Esters.

Production of Individual Carotene, Tocols and Cholesterol-Free Sterol From Crude Palm Oil.

:: Awards

Palm-based Additives to Improve Lubricity of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

  • Gold Medal - ITEX 2005 Invention Competition, Malaysia. (May, 2005)

Palm-based Cleaning Agent: Green, Biodegradable and Renewable Degreaser

  • Gold Medal - ITEX 2004 Invention Competition, Malaysia. (May, 2004)

Rolek Dynamic Palm Nut Cracker

  • Silver Medal - ITEX 2004 Invention Competition, Malaysia. (May, 2004)

Harvesting of Palm Phytonutrients

Silver Medal - Geneva International Invention Competition. (May, 2003)

Green and Renewable Low Pour Point Palm Diesel

  • Silver Medal - Geneva International Invention Competition. (May, 2003)

A Method for Continuous Sterilisation of Fresh Fruit Bunches

  • Gold Medal - ITEX 2002 Invention Competition, Malaysia. (March, 2002)

  • Silver Medal - Geneva International Invention Competition. (May, 2002)

Harvesting of Phytonutrients from Palm Oil Using Green and Efficient Technology

  • Gold Medal - ITEX 2002 Invention Competition, Malaysia. (March, 2002)

  • Gold Medal - Henry Goh Most Environmentally Friendly Invention Award. (March, 2002)

  • Silver Medal - Geneva International Invention Competition (April 2004)

  • Special Award from Russia for Significant Contribution to Scientific & Technological Advancement and High Achievements. (April 2004)

    :: Contact

    Dr Lim Weng Soon
    Engineering & Processing Research Division,
    No. 6, Persiaran Institusi,
    Bandar Baru Bangi,
    43000 Kajang, Selangor.
    Telephone: 603-87694406
    Fax : 603-89259592
    Email : Alamat e-mail ini dilindungi dari spambots. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk paparkannya

• Extraction of xylose and cellulose from oil palm biomass

• Enzymatic treatment of oil palm biomass

• Bio-degradable plastic from oil palm biomass

• Particleboard Technology

• Chemical analysis and Analytical Technology

• Bio-polymer Technology
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