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The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), a premier government oil palm body in Malaysia undertakes research and development, commercialisation of research, technical promotion, regulation and enforcement. Many of these information are disseminated to a worldwide audience through its various publications.

A brief scope of MPOB's publications is given below:



Annual Report ( Malay Version only )


Annual Report contains the report of the Director-General summarising the progress of the work undertaken by MPOB. It also records the research programme and work of each Division of the Board and includes a list of all publications by MPOB during the year in review. A list of the senior staff and a Statement of Accounts are also provided.


Annual Research Review


This review describes the progress and development in the various research programmes undertaken by MPOB during a given year. It provides an insight into what has been achieved and also considers the outlook for the future.


Malaysian Oil Palm Statistics


This handbook is a compilation of valuable statistical information on all aspects of the Malaysian palm oil industry as well as on the international oils and fats market. The statistics covered planted area and yield, processing performance, production and stock, export, price and world oils and fats situations. It is published annually.


Review of the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry


Comprehensive information on the performance of the Malaysian palm oil industry. The publication is
published annually and highlighted the scenario of the industry and the forecast for the coming year.



Oil Palm Bulletin (formerly known as PORIM Bulletin)


The Oil Palm Bulletin is currently one of the media for communicating information and news to
planters, millers, refiners and palm oil users. It is a half-yearly publication, appearing in May and
November, and covering aspects of oil palm production, processing, refining, end-uses, marketing,


MPOB Technology (formerly known as PORIM Technology)


The MPOB Technology series contains technical articles on specific aspects of the composition,
properties, processing, refining, and end-uses of palm oil. It also covers oil palm technology.


Palm Oil Developments


Palm Oil Developments contains short articles on developments in palm oil research, advances in
technology and new uses for palm oil. It also contains news briefs and industry statistics. It is
published twice a year, i.e. June and December.


Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin (formerly known as Engineering News )


This quarterly Bulletin is published in March, June, September and December. Its objectives are:

  • to bring together engineers in the palm oil industry;

  • to keep engineers informed on important developments which affect their profession and the palm oil industry;

  • to highlight problem areas and discuss possible solutions; and

  • to provide a forum for the engineers to express their views and discuss any matters of interest to the industry.


Journal of Oil Palm Research ( formerly known as Elaeis)


This journal carries full-length original research and review papers and short communications on various aspects of oil palm and palm oil. Journal of Oil Palm Research is published twice a year, i.e. June and December.


Palmoil Update


The Palmoil Update is a monthly bulletin published by MPOB. It contains the latest statistical information on production, stocks, export and prices of the Malaysian palm oil as well as on other oils and fats.


Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal


The journal contains articles related to economic research and the trade aspects of the palm oil industry which will serve to meet the needs of those who want to stay abreast of developments in these areas. It is published twice a year, i.e. March and September...........................................



Proceedings of Workshops/Seminars


These are records of workshops and seminars organized by MPOB on various topics of interest
related to the palm oil industry.


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