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The main objective of Research and Development in MPOB is to ultimately transfer technology to the industry. MPOB welcomes entrepreneurs to take up its technologies for commercialisation under mutually agreed terms and conditions.



MPOB generally does not involve itself directly in the business of commercial production, processing or marketing. We license our technologies to interested parties who will do the production and marketing and of the products.

2.1 Licensing

An interested party may be licensed by MPOB the patents and knowhow on the technologies for commercialisation under mutually agreed terms and conditions including payment of royalties. Production and marketing will carried out by the licensee. Royalties may be imposed on the licensee as a percentage of sales or as a lump sum or both. Licences may be exclusive or non-exclusive.

2.2 Pilot Plant Development

Where necessary MPOB may conduct further development work with interested parties at the scaled up pilot plant level. Costs may be negotiated. Government grants may be applied for where available.

2.3 Incubator Facilities

MPOB may allow its facilities to be used for trial manufacturing and marketing of products subject to payment of fees. This enables the entrepreneur to test the product and market on a small scale before making decision to invest heavily in a full scale production plant.

2.4 Consultancy


MPOB will continue to provide technical support through its researchers if required even after commercial production. Consultancy fees may be charged.


MPOB also provides consultancy to help the oil palm industry apply MPOB's research findings in industry operations.

2.5 Collaborative R&D

MPOB collaborates with outside parties to develop certain technologies of mutual interest upon mutually agreed terms and conditions. These technologies are then transferred to the industry as above.



Many technologies and products developed by MPOB have been commercialised. Among these are the red palm oil, aluminium harvesting pole, mechanical loader (grabber), palm based printing ink, healthful margarine and oil blends, goats' milk soap and personal care products. You are welcome to look at our list of current and previously launched technologies and contact us if you are interested in pursuing these commercialisation opportunities.