Clients' Charter Print

We guarantee efficient research and development and services for the continued prosperity of the oil palm industry.

Our commitments  :

  • Produce at least ten (10) new technologies, research findings or products for the benefit of the industry;
  • Provide accurate analytical and statistical services and to give estimated time required for each results within two (2) weeks;
  • Give decisions on applications for new licensees and renewal of licensees within the following time of receipt of the completed application form and renewal form and submission of complete information:
                              (a)  New licensees:
                                     (i)  Smallholders and estates, 5 working days;
                                     (ii)  Mill construction, 90 working days
                                     (iii)  All other major categories of licensees, 30 working days
                              (b)  Renewal licensees: 5 working days
  • Release average prices of selected palm oil products by 5:00 pm on every working day and monthly average prices by 2:00 pm on the 1st working day of the following month;
  • Release information on the monthly performance in relation to production, stocks, export and import of selected oil palm products at 12:30 pm on the tenth (10th) of every month;
  • Respond to enquiries through hotline within 1 week;
  • Request for publications and relevant information from PALMOILIS will be processed not exceeding 5 working days.
  • Respond to enquiries through e-Aduan not exceeding 10 working days.


   * If the day falls on a Sunday or public holiday, the information will be released on the following working day.